Student of the Month » August 2023

August 2023

Camillia McKinnon

Your community technology center values our students and their contributions to our school, their classmates and the world! Congratulations to Camillia, for being the outstanding student of the month for August. We are fortunate to have you as a student!


"Camillia McKinnon is one of our star Empower students. She is extremely productive and has caught up on her credits. She will graduate from Springer in May. She always dresses according to her planned day. For example, she had a meeting for an internship and she displayed a professional image. You do not have to ask Camillia to do anything as she takes the initiative on her own. You will often find her cleaning up the foyer in building 200 after her classmates' breaks. She is mature well beyond her years as she manages her time effectively, establishes her priorities and sets goals. Camillia aspires to be a realtor and her long term goal is to build houses for the homeless. Her resilience has shown this year as she moved to Oklahoma, enrolled in a different school and is completing her credits. She continues to build relationships with her instructors and people within the community. She will begin her internship on October 17th with Ross Realty. Jennifer Brewer and Vickie Ross will be mentoring her. Camillia is an exceptional student who is loved by her instructors and all the staff in EmPower. She is extremely deserving of Student of the Month."
Nominated By: Dianna Boeckman, Grants and Special Projects Director

Professionalism Traits:

  • Being Productive
  • Developing a Professional Image
  • Taking the Initiative
  • Maintaining Effective Work Habits
  • Managing Time Efficiently
  • Being Resilient
  • Building Relationships