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On behalf of our students, staff, community members and partners, and our Board of Education, I want to welcome you to SouthernTech! 

I am proud to serve as the Superintendent of our Technology Center district and work to carry on the legacy of over 55 years of providing students and community members with high quality, skills based, technical education opportunities. 

SouthernTech serves a critical role in economic and workforce development in Southern Oklahoma. We work to support our communities as they grow and thrive in today’s ever-changing world that requires new ways to address challenges and ensure the ability to pivot quickly to take advantage of new opportunities. 

As a student at SouthernTech, you will not only learn the technical skills that prepare you for a high wage, high demand career, but you will also develop important leadership skills that will propel you into the next levels of your future organization. You will earn multiple industry-based certifications that will provide you with options for your career and continued education.  We take great pride in developing students that are well-rounded leaders that have a competitive edge in the workforce and in their communities.  

As an employer, you can expect to hire students from SouthernTech that are prepared to take on the challenges of our quickly evolving work environments. Our employer partners can also expect to play a critical role in helping to develop our programs to meet the needs of the current and future workforce. Our employer partners are encouraged to meet with students regularly to share career opportunities within your organization and hire them as they earn their industry-based certifications  

As a community member, you can expect that we work every day to ensure fiscal responsibility of the incredible asset our community has provided the students of Southern Oklahoma. We will continue expand our facility to offer new and innovative programs that address the needs of our employer partners and ensure students are prepared to contribute significantly to our communities. You can expect SouthernTech students to be the professionals and leaders of our future. As a community member, you are welcome to visit our school and see many of the incredible things that are happening on our campus. 

I look forward to a bright future for Southern Oklahoma. I will continue to work hard towards achieving the vision of becoming a nationally recognized technology center that supports the economic growth and vitality of our region. 


photo of Dr. Eric Ward
Dr. Eric Ward