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Tuition Rates


Secondary Students - Tuition
In-District Free
Out-of-District $18,102.00


Post-Secondary Students - Tuition
In-District $2.50 per hour
Out-of-District $5.00 per hour
Out-of-State $7.50 per hour



Individual Courses within Full-Time Programs: Student must pay for a minimum of 60 hours plus required supplies, materials and fees.


Dental Hygiene Tuition: As set by the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry (within the SouthernTech OUCOD agreements including tuition, fees, and local fees).



Fees and Supplies (Fees are due on or before the first day of class)
Student Activity Fee - all students $25.00
Practical Nursing Enrollment Fee $25.00


Post-secondary Students Only (note: actual fees are updated annually and can be obtained from the Adult Advisor)
Average books and supplies $300.00
Average books, supplies, fees for LPN $2,605.00
Average books, supplies, fees for Cosmetology $465.00
Average books, supplies, fees for Esthetics $700.00


Payment Options

Cash, check, or credit card
Verification of Financial Aid (Pell Grant, Scholarships, other aid)
Verification and billing confirmation of a sponsoring agency or employer
Signed payment plan contract for tuition


Note: Failure of the student or student's sponsor to make payment on time will result in an immediate administrative withdrawal.


Scholarships and Awards

Other scholarships and awards received on behalf of the student by SouthernTech will be applied or disbursed in the following order:

  1. Outstanding tuition, books or fees due SouthernTech
  2. Purchases paid out-of-pocket by the student for testing, certifications, books, uniforms or other expenses directly related to their field of study at SouthernTech.