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Safety Training

SouthernTech provides quality online or instructor-led safety training for your organization, whether you are training one or one-thousand employees. Customized safety training can be provided at the 3 SouthernTech campuses or at your location of choice. Classes can range from one-hour general safety awareness to 40-hour hands on Hazardous Waste Operations. SouthernTech also has a mobile training trailer that offers Confined Space Permit Required and Rescue, along with SCBA Fresh Air, Fall Protection, and Rope Rescue certifications.

To assist your organization with OSHA recordkeeping, SouthernTech can provide training rosters, certificates of completion, and participant cards for all safety training classes.



Boomlifts-For Construction
Forklifts-For Construction*
Fall Protection*
Hazcom-For Construction*
Manbaskets-For Construction*
Stairways and Ladders
Stationary Scaffolds
Suspension Scaffolds
Scaffolds Safety-All Levels*
* Also available in Spanish
Backing, Parking & Intersections
Driving Distractions
Trucks, Vans & Delivery Vehicles
Forklift Basics*
Forklift Fundamentals*
Forklift Maneuvers*
Forklift Operations*
Powered High-Lift Trucks*
Working Around Forklifts*
Forklift Refueling & Maintenance
* Also available in Spanish
Drum Handling*
First Responder-Awareness Level*
First Responder-Operations Level*
Lab Packs*
* Also available in Spanish
Hazard Perception Challenge
Injury Prevention for Drivers
Accident Investigation
Coaching Safety
Workplace Violence
Safeland USA
Accident Investigation*
Africanized Bees
Alcohol and Drug Abuse*
Arc Flash
Asbestos Awareness*
Back Protection*
Bloodborne Pathogens*
Bloodborne Pathogens for Custodians*
Chemical Handling - Basic*
Chemical Handling - Corrosives*
Chemical Handling - Flammables*
Compressed Gases*
Confined Space Entry*
Confined Space Entry-Permit Required*
Crane Inspection
Defense Driving - 15 Passenger Vans
Disposable Respirators*
Electrical Emergencies*
Electrical Safety*
Emergency Evacuation*
Environmental Awareness*
Eye Protection*
Fall Protection
Fire Safety*
Fire Extinguishers*
First Aid Awareness
Hand Safety*
Hazardous Communication (HAZCOM)*
Hazcom for Non-Industrial Employees*
Hazard Recognition*
Hazardous Materials Security*
Hearing Protection
Heat Stress*
Holiday Safety*
Housekeeping (General Safety)*
Hydrogen Sulfide Safety*
Machine Guarding*
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)*
Office Ergonomics*
Office Safety*
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)*
Powered Hand Tool Safety*
Respiratory Protection*
RCRA   (Small Quantity Generators)*
Safety Attitudes*
Safety Orientation*
Safety Orientation-Newcomers*
Small Spills & Leaks*
Strains & Sprains
Static Electricity
Stress-Dealing With*
Trenching & Shoring Safety*
Warning Labels & Signs*
Welding Hot Work
Welding Safety*
Welding Safety-Hexavalent Chromium Awareness*
Winter Safety* 
* Also available in Spanish