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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Portal

To create a student portal account, click the Sign In in the upper right corner of the webpage.
From here, click on Don't have an account yet? to create the account.
Complete the required fields to create the new account.  Click Register to submit.
Click Ok on the next pop-us screen informing about the email coming.
You will receive a verification email confirming the account.  You must use the Verify Email button in the email to finish setting up the portal account.  Now the you can sign in online.

You already exist in SouthernTech's Student Information System
You need to:

  • Click the gray Back button
  • Enter the email address given at enrollment
  • Click Forgot your password? link
  • Then check his/her email for the reset message and link
You didn’t respond (click the link) to your email within the allotted time. Or may have reset since this email was sent. Emails are sent out about every 15 minutes. Please be patient as clicking Forgot your password? multiple times will delay the situation.

Once a you are logged into your account, you can:

  • Update Profile information (basic info, phone lists, addresses, account signature)
    • You will have to call SouthernTech to update an email address
  • View Schedule/Calendar
  • View Enrollment(s)details (including Grades and Attendance)*
  • View Account financials (make a payment due, view past payments and remaining charges)*
  • View and complete Required Documents
  • View Wait List and Interest choices
  • Enroll in a Program or Class
  • Log into your Student Portal
  • Click on Documents in the blue left hand navigation.
    • If you are not diabetic, you do not need to complete the Diabetic Medical Management Plan
  • Log into your Student Portal
  • Click on Accounts in the blue left hand navigation
  • To make a payment, click the blue Make a Payment button

Office 365

Student Resouces > Office 365/Canvas

Office 365/Canvas

Following are your credentials:

  • Login Username: 24.[FirstInitial][FullLastName]
  • Current Password: Sotech#[LastFourStudentID]



There will be a few initial/one-time steps to be completed before you can fully access your account.

  • You will be asked to re-enter your current password during first-time setup.
You will need to create a new password with the following parameters:
Minmum of 8 characters
1 CAPITAL letter
1 lowercase letter
1 number
1 special character (!@#$%^&*)
  • You will be asked to enter a phone number that will be used for password resets.
You may choose to use an email or setup security questions instead
Note: for security purposes SOTECH temporary password expires in 20 days
SOTECH (ITS) will NEVER ask you for your password or any personal information via email or text


Once you are logged in, your Office365 login will give you access to the following features:

  • SOTECH Email: SOTECH instructors will be communicating important information through this email account
  • Canvas: is SOTECH Learning Management System where your instructor will deliver course materials including Discussion, Quizzes, Tests, etc.
  • Achademix: this feature allows you to access your Class Schedule/Calendar, Bill Payments, Financial Aid Awards. (This link sends you to an external login. Please use the email given at time of enrollment - it should be your personal email; not your email)


If you are experiencing difficulty with your sign in, accessing any feature above, or have any questions, we will be happy to assist you!  Email us at [email protected]

Student Resources > Office365/Canvas

Check your SouthernTech email for a link to your instructors Teams site.

To set up your Teams Notifications, follow the instructions here.

All Full Time Program students with a SouthernTech email have access to Office 365 products.


Follow the Android device installation instructions here.

Follow the Android log in instructions here.

Follow the iOS device installation instructions here.
Follow the iOS log in instructions here.
To set up your Canvas Notifications, follow the instructions here.

Student Services

You can contact your instructor using Teams, email, or messaging within Canvas.
To contact Financial Aid, fill out the contact form here.