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Computer Applications

SouthernTech’s ability to provide real-time computer application and software training is unmatched.  If you are an individual or organization looking to improve your skills in a specific software application, or interested in learning a completely new technology, SouthernTech has both online and instructor-led training options tailored to fit your needs.  No matter whether you are new to technology, or a seasoned user, SouthernTech can provide you the skills and certifications necessary to increase your productivity and efficiency to improve not only yourself, but your organization. 

Computer Basics 

Microsoft Windows 

Microsoft Office Foundations 

Practical Applications - Using Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Access - Level 1 

Microsoft Access - Level 2 

Microsoft Access - Complete 

Microsoft Access - Relational Database Design 

Microsoft Access - Relational Database Management 

Microsoft Excel - Level 1 

Microsoft Excel - Level 2 

Microsoft Excel - Level 3 

Microsoft Excel - Complete 

Microsoft Outlook - Level 1 

Microsoft Outlook - Level 2 

Microsoft Outlook - Complete 

Microsoft PowerPoint - Level 1 

Microsoft PowerPoint - Level 2 

Microsoft PowerPoint - Complete 

Microsoft Word - Level 1 

Microsoft Word - Level 2 

Microsoft Word - Level 3 

Microsoft Word - Complete 

Adobe Acrobat  

Adobe Photoshop 

Autodesk AutoCAD 

Autodesk Inventor 

Autodesk Revit 

Corel WordPerfect 

Intuit Quickbooks