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Southern Tech announced participation in the CRRSAA HEERF II

 Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students.

Report 4-8-21

A second round of Emergency grant funds, commonly referred to as HEER II, were offered to post-secondary students, in addition to any other financial aid received, during the month of March, 2021, for emergency expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic.  The Certification and Agreement forms were submitted and funds were received in the amount of $126.027 to help offset additional expenses for eligible post-secondary students.

The form and announcement were sent to all post-secondary adult students attending programs at Southern Tech through canvas email and a follow up email.  Students who attested to eligibility and returned a HEERF II Supplemental Grant Attestation form on or before March 12, 2021 attesting to meeting the Title IV eligibility requirements listed on the form received a check the following week.    Checks were mailed directly to students at the address on their account with Southern Tech.

Allowable expenses can be used for costs of attendance or emergency costs related to the disruption of campus operation at Southern Tech and to the Corona Virus including tuition, food, housing, health care, mental health car and child care.  Eighty-one (81) post-secondary students applied for and were successfully granted a total of $126,027. While all students were allotted a substantial sum, students with the greatest need, as determined by previously applying for and receiving Pell grants, were allotted more as instructed by the current Federal Government Administration.  Any remaining funds after March 12th were disbursed equally to students who have the greatest need, namely Pell grant recipients.  All HEERF I and HEERF II Student funds received by Southern Tech have been disbursed leaving a balance of zero (-0-).

Originally 114 students were estimated to possibly be eligible for the HEERF II disaster relief funds.  Eighty-one students applied for and were eligible to receive funds.  Students must meet the school’s SAP and attendance policies and any monthly payment plans must be current before a disbursement is made.

The methods used by Southern Tech for the level of funding were chosen for expediency and efficiency.  When HEERF II funds were received 114 students were determined to be eligible to apply for funds.  Rather than make students go through a lengthy process of applying for Title IV aid, if they had not already, and completing a scholarship form and having a committee determine who is eligible for how much while everyone is still trying to cope with a pandemic and adjust to virtual learning, Southern Tech paid funds on a 3-tiered basis.  Student who applied for Pell grant and received a -o- EFC received $1700 each, students with a higher EFC but still eligible for Pell received $1,200.  All other students received $750.  Remaining funds in the amount of $621.24 each, after all students had an opportunity to participate, were disbursed equally to Pell grant students.  Pell grant students have shown the greatest need.  This is in accordance with the current Federal Government instructions.

CARES Act HEERF Student Portion Funds

As of the quarterly report dated 12-31-20, the total amount of Cares Act HEERF I funds, $126,027 have been expended.


CRRSAA HEERF II Student Portion Funds

Southern Tech was awarded an additional $126,027 for students on 2-11-21.  As of the quarterly report dated 03-31-21, the total amount of CRRSAA HEERF II student funds, $126,027, have been expended. 


Cares Act HEERF Institutional Portion Funds

Certification and Agreement forms were submitted and funds in the amount of $126,027 have been awarded to cover costs associated with significant changes to the delivery of instruction due to the coronavirus such as expanding remote learning programs, building IT capacity to support such programs and training faculty and staff to operate safely and effectively in a remote learning environment now and in the future.  As of the quarterly report dated 9-30-20, the total amount of these funds, $126,027, has been expended.


Cares Act HEERF FIPSE Funds

Certification and Agreement forms were submitted in early May, 2020, and funds were awarded in the amount of $247,946.  These funds were reported as received on the Quarterly Budget and Expenditures Report ending 9-30-20.  A revised report shows $133,176 of these funds expended as of 9-30-20 As of the posting of the second quarterly report dated 12-31-20, another $25,091 was expended in the fourth quarter of the calendar year 2020.

An additional amount of HEERF FIPSE funds was expended in the first quarter or 2021 in the amount of $40,287.  A balance of $49,382 remains available.  These remaining funds have been encumbered but not yet drawn from G5 and will be reported as expended in the second quarter of 2021 for COVID 19 and virtual instruction related needs.

Supplying students and staff with laptops and distance learning/working capabilities and operating a pandemically safe and sanitized campus have been the largest expenses.  The Financial Aid Coordinator and the Business Office are working together to ensure proper accounting of funds for allowable purposes and in accordance with cash management principles.


CRRSAA HEERF II Institutional Portion Funds

Southern Tech was awarded an additional $283,907 on 1-19-21.  $175,646.76 has been encumbered and drawn from G5, but not yet expended.  The purpose for drawing the funds is to meet the supplemental agreement requirement to draw funds within 90 days of the date of the award as acceptance and to avoid de-obligation or termination of the award per item #11 in the supplemental agreement.


This notice was posted within 30 days of receipt of student allocation and then quarterly as directed.

Date of Allocation 2-11-21; 30-day report posted 3-05-21, last quarterly report 1-07-21, current quarterly report posted 3-8-21.

Next quarterly report due 7 -10-21.  Annual report submitted 1-18-21.