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SouthernTech is proud to serve the training needs of Southern Oklahoma and looks forward to connecting and reconnecting with our graduates.


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Keller Claxton - Construction Technology 2014

 Keller Claxton completed his Construction training at SouthernTech in 2014.  Since then, he has been working for the City of Ardmore as a Building Inspector.  He also uses his skills when renovating his home.  Keller said, “One of my fondest memories is finally beating Mr. Adams in the nail game.  This is where we see who can drive the most nails in one hit of a hammer.  Mr. Adams was always hard to beat.  I won a framing hammer for my win, and I still use that hammer to this day.”   Keller also said, “This school is a fantastic place, and there is a spot for everybody there, I would encourage everyone to pursue a skill at SouthernTech.”

Amber McCabe - Dental Hygiene 2010

Amber McCabe received her bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma while attending the Dental Hygiene Program on the SouthernTech campus. As a student, she received the Tom's of Maine Community Service award and received $3000 and a paid trip to the ADHA conference. She is currently working as a Dental Hygienist while attending school at OU, where she will graduate with her doctorate in dental surgery in 2023. Amber said, "Mrs. McCullers once told me, 'You learn something from everyone, sometimes it might not be what you set out to learn, but regardless, you learn.' I think about this often and share it with other people who I think may benefit from hearing it."

Jay Christian - Welding 1982

Jay Christian completed his welding training under the late Danny Ward. Jay said, "Danny taught us that honesty and integrity make us good working men. One of my greatest memories was getting my first welding job." Jay has worked at many different places welding, and the skills he learned at SouthernTech are still being used today.

Jay is proud that, because of the skills he learned at SouthernTech, he was able to teach his daughter, Jaci Gray, to weld.

photo of Erica Gay
Erica Gay
Marketing Coordinator
Public Information Officer