SouthernTech Hosts OU Sooner Flight Academy

To plant the seed for future students of our Aviation Technology program, SouthernTech is hosting a camp in collaboration with OU Sooner Flight Academy, the Kohaw Foundation, and various community sponsors. 30 incoming 5th and 6th graders from SouthernTech's district, will be participating in the 4-day camp. With the help of our sponsors, we will provide lunch, field trip transportation, a t-shirt, and supplies for activities. The camp focuses on space, aircraft design, Netwon's Laws of Motion, space shuttles, space stations, and aerodynamics. Hands-on activities include model rocket creation, kite flying and building, building space stations in a pool and lots of outdoor access. The Discovery volunteer pilot program will allow campers to fly beside local pilots before completing camp.

The OU Sooner Flight Academy is presented by Kohaw Foundation and made possible by our sponsors: