Web and Digital (Video) Communications Pathway

  • WEB DESIGNER (ENTRY LEVEL) - 600 hours
  • WEB MASTER - 960 hours

Are you interested in creating and configuring functional and extremely cool interactive media designs and experiences? If so, why not enter the fast-evolving field of Web development? The majors are designed to prepare students for careers in Web design and technologies that make the Internet come to life.

You will learn to integrate the elements of audio, video, still images, animation, text and data for the delivery of interactive content. Students will use scanners, digital cameras and the leading computer-based hardware and software (such as Adobe Master Collection CS4 and Microsoft Expression Studio).

Portfolios are developed to showcase individual achievements in Web site design, visual design, digital image manipulation, digital audio and video, animation, text, business and project management. The majors prepare students for career opportunities with corporations, organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, entertainment and advertising agencies in the field of multimedia and Web design. Students will configure and maintain live Web Sites, Podcasts and Wiki's.

Instructor: Mary Beth Cavner
Contact: (580) 224-8227 or (580) 223-2070 ext. 8227
Email: mcavner@sotc.edu

Video about this Paperless Classroom

Gainful employment Disclosures for Web Design (Entry Level)
Gainful employment Disclosures for Webmaster


Those with a creative eye and a sense of imagination can learn how to apply technology combined with the newest media to create an explosion of media content!

Hollywood’s tools of the trade can be learned through the Digital Video Production Class. Whether you are directing the next Sci-Fi Thriller, Hip Music Videos or a side-tickling comedy, great editing requires great tools! Industry standard software such as Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro are used to bring your story to life.

Massive explosions or fairy dust can add just the right touch to your story.  By using special effects in After Effects you can transport your audience to Neverland or to a post apocalyptic world.

No video/multimedia project is complete without the perfect audio. Through the use of Adobe Audition, you can learn to edit audio files to give the best quality sound for your production. 
Through the Digital Video program, students can use technology and software including soundboards, switchers, and HD Cameras to complete state of the art projects both on location and in our Green Screen Studio.  With tools like these, the possibilities are endless.

Classroom projects may include:  Stop-Motion, Commercials, PSA’s, Theme Videos, Music Videos, Live Action Events; Broadcasts, Short Films as well as industry projects for clients.


Instructor: Dayna Stephens
Contact: (580) 224-8209 or (580) 223-2070 ext. 8209
Email: dstephens@sotc.edu

Additional Information

Gainful Employment Disclosure for Digital Video Producer
Gainful Employment Disclosure for Digital Video Production Assistant
Gainful Employment Disclosure for Digital Video Technician
Gainful Employment Disclosure for Video Production Assistant

Adobe Certified Associate $80
MS Certified Technologist Specialist $125