Personal Care Services Pathway (Cosmetology)

  • COSMETOLOGIST - 1000 hours (for high school students)
  • COSMETOLOGIST - 1500 hours (for adult students)
  • ESTHETICIAN - 600 hours
  • NAIL TECHNICIAN- 600 hours
  • MASTER INSTRUCTOR - 1000 hours

Have you always had a talent for highlighting hair, giving the perfect manicure, or completing makeovers on all your friends? SOTC's cosmetology major could be the place for you. Students in this career pathway prepare for a career as a licensed cosmetologist, manicurist, or esthetician through a variety of hands-on training, video and multimedia presentations, guest speakers, lecture/discussion forums, small group activities, demonstrations and team training.

Students are prepared to take the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology Exam. This two- to- three year career pathway is open to high school students and adults.

Instructor: Amber Pershica
Contact: (580) 224-8228 or (580) 223-2070 ext. 8228

Instructor: Kristal McCathern
Contact: (580) 224-8339 or (580) 223-2070 ext. 8339

Additional Information

Gainful Employment Disclosure for Cosmetologist
Gainful Employment Disclosure for Esthetician
Gainful Employment Disclosure for Master Instructor
Gainful Employment Disclosure for Nail Technician

State Board Exam $35
State License $25