Welcome Parents

In our continuing efforts to partner with parents for the success of students, Southern Tech is providing parents with the ability to access Canvas and MySOTECH SIS (Student Information System - District 114 - usernames and passwords to be distributed by instructors to students) Portals.

MySOTECH Login Screen (click here for more screenshots):

What is Canvas?
Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS). The Canvas LMS provides a seamless environment for students, teachers, and parents to access course content, assignments, assessments, and grades along with the integration of additional technology tools that teachers may use in their classrooms. 

Note: to create your account, you will need your student to create a pairing code and share it with you - pairing codes can be used only once and expire in seven days. 

For additional information on what you can do with your Canvas Parent Obverver account, please review the Canvas Observer Guide.

Create your Parent Account

Click here for the Canvas help on creating your account.

Navigating the Canvas Course(s)