Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

The Ardmore Regional Center is a collaborative effort among OSSM, high schools within the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center's district and SOTC. The purposes of the OSSM Regional Center are:

  • To provide advanced educational opportunities for rural high school students talented in math and science who attend one of SOTC's sending high schools.
  • To allow participating students to maintain their local high school affiliation and extra-curricular participation while living at home.


Students, if accepted, may take a 1 year program (for seniors) or a 2 year program (for accelerated juniors). In the 1 year program, students take AP Calculus BC (equivalent to college Calculus 1 and 2) and eligible to take the AP exam in May. Second year students who qualify may come back to OSSM Ardmore in the fall and study Multivariable Calculus (equivalent to college Calculus 3 and 4).

Pre-AP Chemistry / AP Chemistry:

First year students, if accepted, will study Pre-AP Chemistry in the fall semester and AP Chemistry in the spring semester. Second year students will study AP Chemistry.

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