The Ardmoreite has been in business in Southern Oklahoma since 1893 as the first daily newspaper published in Indian Territory.  Today, they not only print a daily circulation of approximately 9,800 newspapers to patrons around the Ardmore region, they also print and distribute several other local weekly newspapers.

The partnership between Southern Tech and The Ardmoreite began 50 years ago when the technology center opened its doors.    The relationship that has developed between the two organizations has helped open communication and disbursement of information between Southern Tech and the taxpayers of Southern Oklahoma.  The Ardmoreite is eager to report on Southern Tech’s program and service offerings in an effort to inform the public of one of Southern Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets. 

Southern Tech is thankful for the developing partnership with The Ardmoreite and is excited to continue sharing stories of our future success with the patrons of Southern Oklahoma.

Photo: Left to Right: Skye McNiel (OkACTE Executive Director), Kathy Worley (The Ardmoreite), Jason Phipps (Southern Tech Business & Industry Services Director), Lesley Tutor (Southern Tech Training Developer), Tina Graham (Southern Tech Training Developer), Senator Frank Simpson, Representative Pat Ownbey, and Dick Lowe (OkACTE President).