Thirty-eight students from Southern Tech were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society May 4, 2017.  These students achieved high levels of academic excellence, showed responsibility, skill, leadership and service. The NTHS motto is: To honor student achievement and leadership, award scholarships, promote educational excellence and enhance career opportunities for NTHS membership.  These students will stand out at their high school graduation by wearing white cords with purple tassels.  *Denotes students that are two year members.

Front Row (L-R) *Cheyenne Wright, Basic Medical Assisting (RHS), Haley Hill, Nursing Assisting (FHS), Meredith Hendry, BioTechnology (DicksonHS), Kassitty Long, Medical Office Assisting (WHS), Kortney Lane, Basic Medical Assisting (RHS), *Sheacotah Oller, Basic Medical Assisting (LGHS), Harlie Shaver, BioTechnology (FHS), and Kaitlyn Vaughn, Grapjic Design (PHS)

2nd Row (L-R) Tinia Williams, Nursing Assisting (AHS), Lupita Gomez, Cosmetology (MHS), Maite Uribe, Nursing Assisting (SulphurHS), Kaytelyn Smith,  Nursing Assisting (PHS), and Aldolfo Orellano, Digital Video Production (AHS)

3rd Row (L-R) Caley O’Hanlon, Cosmetology (LGHS),  *Sierra Long, BioTechnology (Home School), *Marcela Ruiz, Medical Office Assisting (RHS), Elizabeth Setter, BioTechnology (AHS), and Raven Aldava, Basic Medical Assisting (MHS)

4th Row (L-R) Samantha Hale, Nursing Assisting (DicksonHS), and *Darian Gonzalaz, BioTechnology (HHS)

5th Row (L-R) Rachell West, Nursing Assisting (PHS), *Travis Simmons, BioTechnology (DicksonHS), *Dominic Newell, Design and Fabrication (Adult), and  Jesse Wilson, Basic Medical Assisting (HHS)

Back Row (L-R) Makayl Gray, Cosmetology (Home School/Wilson), *Brianna Owens, Cosmetology (DicksonHS), *Macy Moore, Basic Medical Assisting (DicksonHS), Clary Donica, BioTechnology (DicksonHS), Claudia Corona, Construction Technology (Adult/Madill), and Michael Greisman, Welding (PHS)

Not pictured:  Amber Bowerman, Nursing Assisting (FHS), Sarah Wilson-Fleitman, Cosmetology (LGHS), Chelsea Haworth, Nursing Assisting (LGHS), Kortney Lane, Basic Medical Assisting (RHS), Chyna, Minyard, Cosmetology (AHS), Robert *Austin Parker, Basic Medical Assisting (DicksonHS), *Yissel Rios, Therapy Technician (SulphurHS), Eshauriah Staley, Basic Medical Assisting (AHS), and Madison Tellez, Cosmetology (AHS)