ARDMORE, OK -- Hundreds of fifth- through seventh-grade students from all over the Ardmore area are learning typical school subjects in a non-typical way. "We are all pretty smart," 10-year-old Isaac said... and it ain't bragging if it's true. Isaac is building a battery-powered fan, so far his favorite part of the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center STEAM Camp. What is STEAM? "Science, technology, engineering, art, and math," Isaac explains. Instructors tell us they have found fun ways to teach students about all of those subjects. "Especially at this age, they have to be exposed ... to this kind of world, just to show them that they are capable.... and they are," said Southern Tech Web design instructor Marybeth Cabner. "They take better to this than some of the adults do." Many of the youngsters will leave with new knowledge plus a newfound confidence. "It feels pretty cool... and pretty awesome, because some of the teachers couldn't really make the fan.. but we made it pretty fast," Isaac said. This is the first time Southern Tech has hosted a camp like this one, but it certainly won't be their last.