High School Admissions

Please click here for the Application.

The Application Process

Talk to HS Counselor-Obtain an application or download SouthernTech application below.

  • Your high school counselor gathers the required documentation and schedules your interview with the SouthernTech representative.
  • Southern Tech staff will interview you to discuss your application.
  • Notification of acceptance into a SouthernTech program will be given to your high school counselor, then your counselor will notify you.  After approval of enrollment, an acceptance letter will be sent to your home address.
  • Over the summer, accepted applicants will be provided a Link for the enrollment packet with  forms to be signed by your parent and the dates to come to SouthernTech for enrollment. If you do not have access to a computer, go to your local library or SouthernTech campus in order to download and print forms.

**High school Seniors:  Begin the Adult admissions process-CLICK HERE.
(This is for those who want to attend after graduation.)