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Southern Tech is a satellite location of the Safety Council of Texas City, a member of the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC).      

Beginning September 1, 2018, Southern Tech will be assisting the Valero Ardmore Refinery with their turnaround.  Please see the September Turnaround Schedule for special days and times of operation.       

Basic Orientation Plus

  • Offered on Mondays only.  Registration begins @ 7:00am, class begins @ 7:45am.
    • On Mondays that fall on a national holiday (i.e. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, etc.), Contractor Safety Training will be held on the following Tuesday.
  • On-site registration (In-person only)
  • View the Basic Orientation Plus vs. OSHA Requirements
  • Print your own copy of the Basic Orientation Plus Study Guide

Basic Orientation Plus Refresher

  • Offered during all Contractor Safety hours of operation as listed above
  • On-site registration (In-person only)
  • 2 Hour CBT* Presentation and Exam

Valero Ardmore Refinery (07VRARD) and HF Acid (07VRARHF)

  • Offered during all Contractor Safety hours of operation as listed above
  • On-site registration (In-person only)
  • 30 min. CBT* Presentation and Exam 
  • Both courses will only be available at Southern Tech, Ardmore during regular business hours.

Other CBT Safety Training Available

  • On-site registration (In-person only)
      • Course Description

        Course Code


        Accident Investigation 03AIW $40.00
        Air Liquide Ingleside ASU 19ALIASU  
        Air Liquide Work Permitting Process 19ALSWP  
        Altair Strickland Safety Training 19ALTAIR $30.00
        Altair Strickland Hand Signal Person 19ALHSP $30.00
        Altair Strickland Corrosion Under Insulation 19ALCUI $30.00
        ARSC Basic Orienation Plus 07BOP $40.00
        ARSC Basic Orientation Plus Refresher 07BOPR $40.00
        ARSC Benzene Training  A07BNZ $30.00
        ARSC Bloodborne Pathogens A07BBP $30.00
        ARSC Confined Spaces Entry A07CSE $30.00
        ARSC Electrical Safety  A07ENQ $30.00
        ARSC Elevated Work A07ELW $30.00
        ARSC Fire Watch Attendant A07FWA $30.00
        ARSC Globally Harmonized System A07GHS $30.00
        ARSC Hazcom A07HAZ $30.00
        ARSC Hearing Conservation A07HCT $30.00
        ARSC Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) A07H2S $30.00
        ARSC Line of Fire A07LOF $30.00
        ARSC Lockout/Tagout A07LOT $30.00
        ARSC Process Safety Management A07PSM $30.00
        ARSC Respiratory Protection A07RPT $30.00
        Asbestos Awareness - CSCCB 03AWW $50.00
        Baker Hughes Barnsdall Site 26OKBHB $30.00
        Benzene Training - CSCCB 03BZW  
        BP Cooper River Site Orientation 18BPC  
        Cat Spec LTD Company Specific 19CSL $45.00
        Celanese Clear Lake Contractor Orientation 19CLP $30.00
        Celanese Clear Lake Safe Work 19CLPSWP $30.00
        Delek Refinery 05DELEK $45.00
        Eastman Chemical (TXO) Confined Space Permit 05TXOCS $60.00
        Eastman Chemical (TXO) Longview Site 05TXO $70.00
        Elite Turnaround Specialists Refresher 19ETS $30.00
        Enterprise Products Working the Oil 19EPWTO $30.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter 1 19EXCLC1 $45.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter 2 19EXCLC2 $45.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold Helper 1 19EXCLH1 $35.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold Helper 2 19EXCLH2 $35.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold New Hire 19EXSC $30.00
        Flint Hills Site Web 03FSW $40.00
        H2S Refinery Trained - CSCCB 03HSW  
        HollyFrontier ALKY Orientation – Artesia, NM 24HHNAVA $30.00
        HollyFrontier Life Saving Principles 24HFLSP $30.00
        HollyFrontier Site Specific Orientation – Artesia, NM 24HFNAV $35.00
        HollyFrontier Site Specific Orientation - Cheyenne, WY 24HFCHY $35.00
        HydroChem Adv Air Machines Part 1 12HCAAM1 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Air Machines Part 2 12HCAAM2 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Air Machines Part 3 12HCAAM3 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Hydroblasting Part 1 12HCAHB1 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Hydroblasting Part 2 12HCAHB2 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Liq Vacuum Tank Part 1 12HCALV1 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Liq Vacuum Tank Part 2 12HCALV2 $30.00
        HydroChem Basic Air Machines 12HCBAM $30.00
        HydroChem Basic Liquid Vacuum Tank 12HCBLVT $30.00
        HydroChem Course 7 Hydroblasting Ma 12HCBLMT $30.00
        Hydrochem Course 8 Vaccuum Maint 12HCVCMT $30.00
        HydroChem DOT Entry Level Driver 12HCELD $30.00
        HydroChem DOT Hazmat 12HCDTHZ $30.00
        HydroChem DOT Hours of Service 12HCHOS $30.00
        HydroChem DOT Pre/Post Vehicle 12HCPTVI $30.00
        HydroChem Hazwoper I 12HCHAZ1 $30.00
        HydroChem Hazwoper II 12HCHAZ2 $30.00
        HydroChem Hazwoper III 12HCHAZ3 $30.00
        HydroChem Hydroblast Safety 12HCBLAS $30.00
        HydroChem New Hire 12HYNH $30.00
        Hydrochem Reasonable Suspicion 12HCRS $30.00
        HydroChem Safe Driving is No Accident 12HCDRV $35.00
        HydroChem Tube Cleaning 12HCTBCN $30.00
        HydroChem Vacuum Safety 12HCVAC $30.00
        Hytorc - Principles of Safe Bolting 12HYTORC $30.00
        Lyondell Houston Refining 19LHR  
        LyondellBasell Site-Specific 03ES $52.00
        LyondellBasell Houston Refinery 19LHR $35.00
        Marsec Web - CSCCB 03MRSECW $30.00
        Matrix Services Company Course 07MATRIX $30.00
        ParFab Field Services Safety Training 19PARFAB  
        Phillips 66 Borger Contractor Orientation 15P66BOR $40.00
        Phillips 66 SFR Contractor Site Specific Orientation 19P66SFRC $50.00
        SAF Confined Space (Awareness) 12SAFCS $30.00
        SAF Fall Protection 12SAFFPC $30.00
        SAF Respiratory Protection 12SAFRES $30.00
        Sinclair Wyoming Refinery 09SWRC $60.00
        SPX Bolting Systems Hydraulic Torquing 19SPXTQ $30.00
        Stronghold - General Safety & Health Annual Refresher 19SHC $30.00
        Stronghold - Specialty Front Line Management Training 19SHSFLM $65.00
        Stronghold 15-Passenger Van Safety 19SHLVAN $30.00
        Total Safety New Hire HSE Orientation 19TSHSEO  
        Turnaround Welding Services 19TWS $30.00
        Valero Energy HF Acid (Alky) - Ardmore, OK 07VRARHF $30.00
        Valero Energy HF Acid (Alky) - Three Rivers, TX 03VTRA $30.00
        Valero Energy Refining - Ardmore, OK 07VRARD $30.00
        Valero Energy Refining - Houston, TX 19VALERO $40.00
        Valero Energy Refining - St. Charles, LA 08VALERO $30.00
        Valero Energy Refining - Texas City, TX 07VR $30.00
        Valero Energy Refining - Three Rivers, TX 03VTRS $40.00















































































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