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Southern Tech is a satellite location of the Safety Council of Texas City, a member of the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC).      

Basic Orientation Plus

  • Offered on Mondays only.  Registration begins @ 7:00am, class begins @ 7:45am.
    • On Mondays that fall on a national holiday (i.e. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, etc.), Contractor Safety Training will be held on the following Tuesday.
  • On-site registration (In-person only)
  • View the Basic Orientation Plus vs. OSHA Requirements
  • Print your own copy of the Basic Orientation Plus Study Guide

Basic Orientation Plus Refresher

  • Offered during all Contractor Safety hours of operation as listed above
  • On-site registration (In-person only)
  • 2 Hour CBT* Presentation and Exam

Valero Ardmore Refinery (07VRARD) and HF Acid (07VRARHF)

  • Offered during all Contractor Safety hours of operation as listed above
  • On-site registration (In-person only)
  • 30 min. CBT* Presentation and Exam 
  • Both courses will only be available at Southern Tech, Ardmore during regular business hours.

Other CBT Safety Training Available

  • On-site registration (In-person only)
      • Course Description

        Course Code


        Accident Investigation 03AIW $40.00
        Air Liquide Ingleside ASU 19ALIASU  
        Air Liquide Work Permitting Process 19ALSWP  
        Altair Strickland Safety Training 19ALTAIR $30.00
        Altair Strickland Hand Signal Person 19ALHSP $30.00
        Altair Strickland Corrosion Under Insulation 19ALCUI $30.00
        ARSC Basic Orienation Plus 07BOP $40.00
        ARSC Basic Orientation Plus Refresher 07BOPR $40.00
        ARSC Benzene Training  A07BNZ $30.00
        ARSC Bloodborne Pathogens A07BBP $30.00
        ARSC Confined Spaces Entry A07CSE $30.00
        ARSC Electrical Safety  A07ENQ $30.00
        ARSC Elevated Work A07ELW $30.00
        ARSC Fire Watch Attendant A07FWA $30.00
        ARSC Globally Harmonized System A07GHS $30.00
        ARSC Hazcom A07HAZ $30.00
        ARSC Hearing Conservation A07HCT $30.00
        ARSC Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) A07H2S $30.00
        ARSC Line of Fire A07LOF $30.00
        ARSC Lockout/Tagout A07LOT $30.00
        ARSC Process Safety Management A07PSM $30.00
        ARSC Respiratory Protection A07RPT $30.00
        Asbestos Awareness - CSCCB 03AWW $50.00
        Baker Hughes Barnsdall Site 26OKBHB $30.00
        Benzene Training - CSCCB 03BZW  
        BP Cooper River Site Orientation 18BPC  
        Cat Spec LTD Company Specific 19CSL $45.00

        Cat-Spec Life Support Syst Eagle 2 Refresher

        19CSLLSR $35.00
        Celanese Clear Lake Contractor Orientation 19CLP $30.00
        Celanese Clear Lake Safe Work 19CLPSWP $30.00
        Delek Refinery 05DELEK $45.00
        Eastman Chemical (TXO) Confined Space Permit 05TXOCS $60.00
        Eastman Chemical (TXO) Longview Site 05TXO $70.00
        Elite Turnaround Specialists Refresher 19ETS $30.00
        Enterprise Products Working the Oil 19EPWTO $30.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter 1 19EXCLC1 $45.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter 2 19EXCLC2 $45.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold Helper 1 19EXCLH1 $35.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold Helper 2 19EXCLH2 $35.00
        Excel Modular Scaffold New Hire 19EXSC $30.00
        Flint Hills Site Web 03FSW $40.00
        H2S Refinery Trained - CSCCB 03HSW  
        HollyFrontier ALKY Orientation – Artesia, NM 24HHNAVA $30.00
        HollyFrontier Life Saving Principles 24HFLSP $30.00
        HollyFrontier Site Specific Orientation – Artesia, NM 24HFNAV $35.00
        HollyFrontier Site Specific Orientation - Cheyenne, WY 24HFCHY $35.00
        HydroChem Adv Air Machines Part 1 12HCAAM1 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Air Machines Part 2 12HCAAM2 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Air Machines Part 3 12HCAAM3 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Hydroblasting Part 1 12HCAHB1 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Hydroblasting Part 2 12HCAHB2 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Liq Vacuum Tank Part 1 12HCALV1 $30.00
        HydroChem Adv Liq Vacuum Tank Part 2 12HCALV2 $30.00
        HydroChem Basic Air Machines 12HCBAM $30.00
        HydroChem Basic Liquid Vacuum Tank 12HCBLVT $30.00
        HydroChem Course 7 Hydroblasting Ma 12HCBLMT $30.00
        Hydrochem Course 8 Vaccuum Maint 12HCVCMT $30.00
        HydroChem DOT Entry Level Driver 12HCELD $30.00
        HydroChem DOT Hazmat 12HCDTHZ $30.00
        HydroChem DOT Hours of Service 12HCHOS $30.00
        HydroChem DOT Pre/Post Vehicle 12HCPTVI $30.00
        HydroChem Hazwoper I 12HCHAZ1 $30.00
        HydroChem Hazwoper II 12HCHAZ2 $30.00
        HydroChem Hazwoper III 12HCHAZ3 $30.00
        HydroChem Hydroblast Safety 12HCBLAS $30.00
        HydroChem New Hire 12HYNH $30.00
        Hydrochem Reasonable Suspicion 12HCRS $30.00
        HydroChem Safe Driving is No Accident 12HCDRV $35.00
        HydroChem Tube Cleaning 12HCTBCN $30.00
        HydroChem Vacuum Safety 12HCVAC $30.00
        Hytorc - Principles of Safe Bolting 12HYTORC $30.00
        Lyondell Houston Refining 19LHR  
        LyondellBasell Site-Specific 03ES $52.00
        LyondellBasell Houston Refinery 19LHR $35.00
        Marsec Web - CSCCB 03MRSECW $30.00
        Matrix Services Company Course 07MATRIX $30.00
        ParFab Field Services Safety Training 19PARFAB  
        Phillips 66 Borger Contractor Orientation 15P66BOR $40.00
        Phillips 66 SFR Contractor Site Specific Orientation 19P66SFRC $50.00
        Phillips 66 Sweeny Level 1 04PHM1 $35.00
        Phillips 66 Sweeny Level 2 04PHM2 $40.00
        SAF Confined Space (Awareness) 12SAFCS $30.00
        SAF Fall Protection 12SAFFPC $30.00
        SAF Respiratory Protection 12SAFRES $30.00
        Sinclair Wyoming Refinery 09SWRC $60.00
        SPX Bolting Systems Hydraulic Torquing 19SPXTQ $30.00
        Stronghold - General Safety & Health Annual Refresher 19SHC $30.00
        Stronghold - Specialty Front Line Management Training 19SHSFLM $65.00
        Stronghold 15-Passenger Van Safety 19SHLVAN $30.00
        Total Safety New Hire HSE Orientation 19TSHSEO  
        Turnaround Welding Services 19TWS $30.00
        Valero Energy HF Acid (Alky) - Ardmore, OK 07VRARHF $30.00
        Valero Energy HF Acid (Alky) - Three Rivers, TX 03VTRA $30.00
        Valero Energy Refining - Ardmore, OK 07VRARD $30.00
        Valero Energy Refining - Houston, TX 19VALERO $40.00
        Valero Energy Refining - St. Charles, LA 08VALERO $30.00
        Valero Energy Refining - Texas City, TX 07VR $30.00
        Valero Energy Refining - Three Rivers, TX 03VTRS $40.00
        Westlake Group 12WSTLKE $40.00















































































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