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Computer Courseware Library

Computer Basics - Foundation Level
Computer Basics - Intermediate Level
Computer Basics - Advanced Level
Computer Basics - Expert Level

Practical Applications - Time Management and Outlook
Practical Applications - Time Management and Excel 
Practical Applications - Presentation with PowerPoint 
Practical Applications - Minute Taking with OneNote
Practical Applications - How to Blog and Podcast 

Microsoft Word - Foundation Level
Microsoft Word - Intermediate Level
Microsoft Word - Advanced Level

Microsoft Excel - Foundation Level
Microsoft Excel - Intermediate Level
Microsoft Excel - Advanced Level

Microsoft PowerPoint - Foundation Level
Microsoft PowerPoint - Intermediate Level

Microsoft Access - Foundation Level
Microsoft Access - Intermediate

Microsoft Outlook - Foundation Level
Microsoft Outlook - Intermediate Level

Microsoft Project - Foundation Level

Microsoft Publisher - Foundation Level

Microsoft SharePoint Server 

Microsoft Office Business Contact Manager 

Microsoft Internet Explorer 
Microsoft Outlook Express 

Corel WordPerfect - Foundation Level
Corel WordPerfect - Intermediate Level
Corel WordPerfect - Advanced Level

Adobe Acrobat 
Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Foundation Level
Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Intermediate Level
Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Advanced Level
Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Expert Level

Intuit QuickBooks - Foundation Level
Intuit QuickBooks - Intermediate Level
Intuit QuickBooks - Advanced Level
Intuit Quickbooks - Expert Level