Assessment Coordinator: Lyndsey Wallace
Contact: (580) 224-8202

Career counselors at Southern Tech interpret assessment results to help applicants determine possible career choices and assist applicants in devising a plan to help applicants achieve their educational and career goals. The Accuplacer results are used as an admissisons tool for all adult applicants who have attained a high school diploma or equivalency; competency testing to test the achievement of current Southern Tech students to meet minimum standards in full-time programs, and a variety of other assessment tools.

Southern Tech Assessment Center

The assessment center is only open 8am-4pm Monday-Friday. All tests must be scheduled 24-48 hours in advance. Contact Lyndsey Wallace at 580-224-8202 to schedule your appointment.
Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the assessment center. If you bring any items with you they will be handed over to the proctor and put in a storage locker until testing is complete. 
Southern Tech gives the following tests:


Need to bring


$20 payment for in-district residents

8th grade reading proficiency for driver’s license

$20 payment

CNA-Long Term Care


Advanced CMA

Deeming from LTC to HHC

  • Valid photo ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Training Verification Form (CNA-signed by skills evaluator. You must pass skills test before scheduling the written)
  • CMA needs valid CNA card
  • $40 payment

Case Manager (I, II, and III)

  • Valid photo ID
  • Approval letter from ODMHSAS
  • $45 payment

OHCAPA Home Care Administrator

  • Valid photo ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Completion certificate or provisional certificate from OSDH
  • $100 payment

Licensed Professional Counselor/Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (OLERE/OKLMFTE)

  • Valid photo ID
  • Authorization letter from OSDH
  • $45 payment

Oklahoma POSSE (Peace Officer Screening & Selection Exam)

  • Valid photo ID
  • $35 payment

Security & Private Investigator Licensure (CLEET Phase I, II, III, IV, and V)

  • Valid photo ID
  • Original certificate of completion
  • $35 payment (Phase V is $50 payment)

Outdoor Fireworks Display

  • Valid photo ID
  • $25 payment

Fire Extinguisher

  • Valid photo ID
  • $45 payment for Sales
  • $65 payment for Technician and Qualified Agent

Firefighter I & II

Firefighter Instructor I & II

HazMat Awareness

  • Valid photo ID
  • Authorization letter from OSU-FST

Alternative Fuels Certification (LPG and CNG/NGV)

  • Valid photo ID
  • $50 payment

Emergency Medical Responder

  • Valid photo ID
  • Training/Testing verification form
  • $35 payment

Tattoo & Body Piercing

Medical Micropigmentologist

  • Valid photo ID
  • OSDH approval letter
  • $200 payment
  • $75 payment (retest)

Alarm & Locksmith (Commercial, Residential, CCTV, and Electronic Access Control)

  • Valid photo ID
  • $60 payment for Technician, Plan/Design, and/or Inspector
  • $45 payment for Salesperson or Manager

Petroleum Storage Tank (aboveground, underground installation, and underground removal)

  • Valid photo ID
  • Authorization letter from OK Corporation Commission
  • $100 payment

Hearing Aid Fitter/Dealer

Sanitarian Environmental Specialist

  • Valid photo ID
  • Authorization letter from OSDH


  • Valid photo ID


Accuplacer Testing

​By Appointment Only. Please schedule with the assessment assistant by phone or email @ (580) 224-8202 or 

Accuplacer Resources

For Career Indentification: