Adult Admissions Procedure

Review career major information and determine whether you want to enroll in a Full-Time Career Major or an Adult Career Development (ACD) Course.To speak with a career advisor, call 580.224.8263.
Continue with this checklist if you want to enroll in a Full-Time Career Major (Note: If you want to enroll in Practical Nursing (LPN), please contact the Health Careers office at 580.224.8259 or 580.224.8238 or click HERE to view application packet)

For other courses, contact the ACD office at 580.224.8201 or 580.224.8205 for enrollment information.

Adults must complete the entire checklist before consideration is given to applicants.  YOUR APPLICATION IS INACTIVE UNTIL ALL DOCUMENTATION IS SUBMITTED.

Funding Secured
Payment is due on or before the first day of class and I will secure my funding by completing one or all of the following steps:

  • I will self pay
  • My sponsoring agency will pay for my career major (provide documentation to the financial aid office).
  • I have completed the FREE application for federal student aid at (click here for instructions).     

Contact the assessment center at 580.224.8202 for additional information.  If you have an ACT composite score of 19 or above taken within the last two years, or a compass test which meets SouthernTech cut scores taken within the last two years,  you may not be required to take the COMPASS (Contact Adult Advisor for more information 580.224.8263)

Complete the Career Interest Assessment:
1. Go to
2. Go to “Ready to Get Started tab and click on either “Student or Adult.”
3. Scroll down and create an account-CHOOSE “Southern Oklahoma Technology Center” as your school.
4. Take the Kuder© Career Interests Assessment
5.  Print out results and attach to your application.
OR Interest Profiler

Complete the APPLICATION by clicking on APPLY NOW 

Submit the following required information to the Adult Admissions Coordinator:

  • Verification of in-district residency-Driver’s License, identification card, utility bill (in your name), Passport. 
  • Copy of HS Diploma, GED, or Post-Secondary Transcripts.
  • Original Social Security Card,  (copy will be made through the registrar).

Interview with SouthernTech Adult Admissions Advisor.

  • Schedule an interview at 580.224.8263  

After you have completed all the above:

1.Your application packet containing your application, assessment documentation, transcript documentation, and verification of your financial aid application will be given to the Director of Student Services. You will receive a phone call, email or a letter stating your status:

  • Enrolled with a definite start date designated
  • Placed on a waiting list with a projected start date
  • Referred to tutorials and placed on a waiting list

If you do not receive notification within 15 days of completing the application process, please call the Registrar at 580.224.8204.

You must contact the Registrar at 580.224.8204 after receipt of notification letter concerning your decision and acceptance of enrollment status. (If Registrar is not contacted within 10 days, SouthernTech assumes that the applicant has declined acceptance of enrollment status.)