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Welcome to SouthernTech's Math AGE. If you are a SouthernTech student, you may enroll in an Algebra II, Geometry, or Math of Finance course. Click the Math Enrollment Form below. You do not have to be a SouthernTech student to use our tutorials, everyone is welcome to scroll to the bottom of this page and enroll in any of the three courses. There are tutorial videos for lessons in Algebra II and Geometry. Algebra I has only EOI review videos available at this time. You may use these videos to help you understand a certain math topic. You will get math credit for the course only if you are a SouthernTech student who has filled out the Enrollment Form and attended class on campus.

Math AGE

The SouthernTech Math Program has a tiered program of instruction that enables students to study the same content at different speeds.

  • The first level meets the standard for proficiency
  • The next level allows the student to get to standards not usually covered in the subject, but beneficial for the next class.
  • The third and final level is an advanced level that helps the student complete all content within one semester, which opens many doors of opportunity.

The program is set up as a flipped class where students can get there instruction online or watch a video at home and do their homework in class. This gives the instructor an opportunity to work one on one with those students who struggle, while those who understand can go onto the next lesson.

Below are links that will allow students to view the course syllabi and also provide links to the video lessons. Click here for course codes to access educreation.

Below are the applications for the different areas of Academic Enhancement that are available to SouthernTech students. All require approval from the students high school counselor.

Students can receive credit for Algebra II and Geometry from a certified instructor while attending classes at SouthernTech. With the small class sizes and flexible scheduling, students are sure to excel in their math adventures. Click on the links in the syllabus for short lesson in subjects areas (more will be linked as they become available).

EOI Test Preparation

  • Teaching Testing Techniques
  • Study Strategies for Students
  • Sample Lessons and Practice Tests
  • Curriculum and Software Sources
  • Exhibits and Discussion
  • Algebra I EOI Videos and Review


Kenneth Shade

Kenneth Shade

Academic Enhancement Instructor

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