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Dental Hygiene

Health Science


A registered dental hygienist (RDH) is a licensed healthcare professional, oral health educator and clinician who, as a co-therapist with the dentist, provides preventive, educational, and therapeutic services supporting total health for the control of oral diseases and the promotion of oral health. State licensure requirements mandate that a dental hygienist must graduate from an accredited dental hygiene education program. In addition to treating patients directly, dental hygienists may also work as educators, researchers, and administrators. The dental hygiene program is offered through a unique partnership with the University of Oklahoma (OU) and the SouthernTech. Students receive lectures through interactive video-conferencing delivered live from the College of Dentistry, located in downtown Oklahoma City. All laboratory and clinical training are conducted at the new state-of-the-art dental hygiene clinic located at SouthernTech.


American Dental Association (ADA) Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)


All curriculum, fees, application, etc. are processed through the OU Health Sciences Center College of Dentistry. There are 60 hours of specified prerequisite coursework required prior to application of the program, which may be taken at any higher education institution. Once an applicant is awarded acceptance into the program, the dental hygiene curriculum is two years and is held on the SouthernTech campus. Upon graduation, students are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Oklahoma and are eligible to take examinations for licensure to practice as a registered dental hygienist (RDH). For the list of prerequisite coursework, transfer policies, forms, fees, admission statistics, and the entire application process, please visit


Dental Hygiene
Pediatric Dentistry44
Dental Pharmacology45
Geriatric Dentistry44
General and Oral Histology88
Dental Morphology44
Clinical Dental Hygiene88
Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory45
Oral Diagnosis88
Clinical Dental Hygiene Theory II88
Head and Neck Anatomy88
Applied Dental Materials44
Oral Radiography I130
Preventive Dentistry130
Oral Radiography II44
Dental Hygiene Research Methods130
Dental Materials Science44
Dental Hygiene Clinical Rotations I44
Dental Hygiene Process of Care44
Clinical Dental Hygiene III260
Dental Hygiene Clinical Rotations II44
Periodontics I44
Dental Hygiene Senior Project Capstone130
Dental Hygiene Practice Management44
Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence44
Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice88
Clinical Dental Hygiene IV260
Pain Control for Dental Hygiene Care88
Oral Pathology176
Periodontics II44
Community Health Issues in Dental88
Community Health Practicum15
Periodontics III44
Total Hours 2641
Estimated time to complete 2 years

Targeted Certifications and/or Credentials

National Board of Dental Hygiene Exam

Certifications may vary by Program and are subject to change without notice.

Employment Options

The following list is associated with the approved SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) for this program and does not necessarily represent immediate opportunities; additional training may be required for some options listed.

Dental Hygienist; Dental Hygienist, Mobile Coordinator; Education Coordinator; Hygienist; Implant Coordinator; Pediatric Dental Hygienist; Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH); Registered Dental Hygienist, Part Time Clinical Faculty – Approximate Pay Potential: $16-48/Hour. (source:



Christy McCullers

Christy McCullers

Dental Hygiene Coordinator

Lindsey Hays

Lindsey Hays

Dental Hygiene Clinical Instructor

Student Projects

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