Employee of the Month » November 2022

November 2022

Brad Bentley

Your community technology center values competence and accountability. Thank you to Brad Bentley for demonstrating the characteristics that we value. We are glad to have your as a teammate!

Training Developer

"Brad continues to find ways to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of our staff and students while

continually striving to improve our organization. Through his excellence in leadership and service, and competence and innovation skills we have been able to achieve a new level of celebration using technology. He has brought music, song and an upbeat tempo to our district gatherings to include student orientation, career fair, Chaffin events and the parade float. His enthusiasm and high energy level is contagious and is appreciated by staff and students."

Nominated By: Dr. Stephanie Bills

"Brad goes above and beyond for SouthernTech. He is devoted to reaching out and establishing relationships with our community such as filling the need for Driver's Education and CDL. He is involved with the film industry and has reached out and involved our Media program. He also exemplifies leadership leading by example. He devoted time and resources to the success of the float and has shown up for every event such as College and Career fair and has attended almost every advisory meeting hosted by all programs."

Nominated By: Amber Pershica

Professionalism Traits:

  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Competence
  • Innovation
  • Service